Carbs & Fuel issues

Customer Complaint:
Bogs down

  • Customer said: "It was winterized by xyz boat shop. The first few times I took it out it ran perfectly. Now it bogs down & doesn't want to go over 10mph."

  • Customer uses boat an average of once a month. When asked what fuel stabilizer he uses, he said, "I don't buy that crap because I'm not an idiot. Some company is always trying to sell you some kind of magical snake oil."

  • "Phase Separation" causes your fuel to separate into an unburnable layer of gummy garbage at the bottom of the tank, and a layer of water on top of a funky looking layer of fuel-ish type product.

  • I promise you, folks, I'm not trying to sell you "snake oil". I stock Valvtect because my pickup truck loves it. Before I started using it, I used to rebuild my carb every other month. It's been three years now.

Customer complaint:
Won't start

  • Customer said: "I took it out last summer, it was running fine when I put it in the garage. Now it won't start."

  • Total time in storage: 14 months

  • When asked about fuel stabilizers, he said "The gauge said "empty". You only need stabilizer if you leave something in the gas tank."

  • Fact: even when you run it bone dry, there's still a little something in there.

  • Over time, fuel trapped in gas tanks, fuel lines, and carburetors will evaporate and turn into a kinda sandy, kinda cornflaky looking stuff that clogs everything up.

  • Best bet: add stabilizer every time you add gas, that way there's always a little bit in there.

Ethanol Info:



Corn is not good for engines. Period. It's up to you, the consumer, to arm yourself with information and get out there and get active. Find out who your elected officials are and demand they protect your engine. If your elected officials insist on working for the oil companies paying for their fancy re-election campaigns instead of working for their voters, make sure they get fired. Elect someone that represents YOU, not the corporations.


Tell your Elected officials to support this current legislation:


"Democracy is not a spectator sport. It's up to YOU. Get out there. Get active. Tag- you're it!"

-Thom Hartmann

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